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Ksetlist Journal

The Journal of a community of Kurzweil users

Ksetlist was born long time ago with the one and only purpose of putting together Kurzweil users so that they could share sounds for famous songs with each other. Many keyboardists all around the world have to play a very similar set list in their cover or tribute bands. That’s where Ksetlist came to help. With hundreds of sounds uploaded by users themselves, Ksetlist has steadily built a vast library of sounds for many very famous hit songs. Any keyboardist with a pro Kurzweil keyboard (PC3, PC3LE, PC3K, PC3A, Artis, Artis SE, Forte, Forte SE, SP4, SP5, SP6) can get his or her cover band set list sounds starting from ksetlist resources really fast. Oh yeah, and I forgot the best, that’s all for free! You help me, I help you, is the philosphy.

Ksetlist Journal comes in order to fill a void in the Ksetlist world. Within the forum there isn’t a nice and easy place to write news, tips and tricks articles or featuring some of our best contributors. While we have been using the main forum for that, Ksetlist Journal is born in order to provide a space for those things that looks nicer and is easier to read.

Hope you enjoy it!

The Journal

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SP6 Beta

Hi, Back from Summertime… We have just sent a Beta release for the next SP6 update with some bug fixes. If you have an SP6 and want to join our Beta program please send us an email to sp6_beta@ycrdi.com . It’s easy, we just send you the Beta update, you install it, play with it …

Ksetlist forum

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Ksetlist Journal features articles about Kurzweil keyboards, focused on news, tips & tricks and building a user community with the ultimate goal of sharing sounds.

Ksetlist Journal is totally independent of HDC – Young Chang, makers of Kurzweil keyboards. Even if Ksetlist Journal was created by a Young Chang Research and Development employee, it does not reflect the official position of the company about anything. For Kurzweil official news, or if you need to communicate directly with Kurzweil please go to www.kurzweil.com