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Irene Cara - Flashdance... What a Feeling - Setup

PostPosted: Thu Apr 05, 2018 1:44 pm
by thin_i
Here's a setup I made for the Flashdance song.

This setup contains seven programs with fx chains.
Six programs use KVA, one program uses samples (see below).
I have tried (very hard) to get these programs to sound like they sound in the original version. The only exception is the Flashdance Arpeg-program which uses the built in arpeggiator. The Flashdance Arpeg-program is also a more "generic" sounding program than the sound in the original version.
Every program has ready made slider settings, so it it easy to change the sound of these programs (remember to check the Info button).

Programs (zones) in the setup are:

Flashdance Pad
Flashdance Lead
Flashdance Arpeg
Flashdance Bass
Flashdance Pad 2
Flashdance Pad 3
ARPStringMachine (this program uses keymap 825 Arp String Ens)

Zone's key ranges:

Flashdance Bass C-1 to B2
Flashdance Pad and Flashdance Arpeg C3 to A4 (arpeggiator zone can be muted with solo/mute button 3)
Flashdance Lead G#4 to G5
Flashdance Pad 2, Flashdance Pad 3 and ARPStringMachine G#5 to G9