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KC and the Sunshine Band - Give It Up - Intro sounds

PostPosted: Thu May 02, 2019 3:14 pm
by thin_i
Here's a setup that contains the intro pad sound and the "riser" sound for the song Give It Up by KC and the Sunshine Band.

The riser sound is played form the D#/Es note two octaves below middle C. As Kurzweil has limitations in pitch shifting the strings layer (in riser) play one octave too low and doesn't have a pitch envelope like the other layers. Also the timing of the riser is set by ear so you may need to adjust it in the Give It Up Riser program (pitch is controlled (modulated) by ENV3 Att1-time).

Programs in the Setup:

Give It Up Pad
Give It Up Riser (Layer 5 uses keymap 114 kEnsemble Strings)