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Pink Floyd - Keep Talking - Setup

PostPosted: Tue Mar 20, 2018 2:48 pm
by thin_i

***New, updated setup file (KEEPSET2). New setup file has updated slider settings.***

Here's my PC3A setup for the Pink Floyd song Keep Talking. At this point the setup contains three main synth sounds for the intro part and a lead sound for the synth solo.

The five note main Riff is triggered from the key C1 and stops from C#1.
E1 triggers the resonant lowpass filter drone.
Noise fx is triggered from F1 to C2 (noise fx has some high pass filter velocity modulation).
Lead sound starts from C#2.

Programs in this setup are all KVA so no samples (yet) on this one.

Programs in the setup:

* KeepTalking Lead
* KeepTalking Sine
* KeepTalkingNoise
* KeepTalk Drone
** Keep Talking Riff