Real B3 (by Libor Sipula) - B3 organ with Leslie simulation

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Re: Real B3 (by Libor Sipula) - B3 organ with Leslie simulat

Postby 88keys » Fri Nov 10, 2017 12:37 pm

People having been asking me to send them the new version of Libor's B3 organ so here it is.
Libor sent me this in 2015 and he said it was OK if I posted it here.
I combined his first version B3 with his second version B3 and put them into one file.

This file includes (Courtesy of Libor Sipula):


1) RealB3!!! Libor (V1)
2) New B3 2015a (V2)
3) New B3 2015b (V2)
4) New B3 2015c (V2)

Custom Effects

1) Double Leslie (V1)
2) Double Leslie (V2)
3) Chorus with reverb (V2)
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Re: Real B3 (by Libor Sipula) - B3 organ with Leslie simulat

Postby livepianobar » Tue Jan 23, 2018 4:52 pm

stefanlindmark wrote:I'm posting this program here on behalf of the original creator Libor Sipula.
B3 with Leslie simulation.

In a band context:

On its own:

Can you send me link of program?
Thanks you
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