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PC3: Some sort of FM-like EP

PostPosted: Tue Feb 13, 2018 6:16 am
by WatcherOfTheSun
Some sort of FM-like EP build with 2Param Shaper.
File contains one program, one setup and one FX chain.

Program initially created as experiment with 2Param Shaper DSP block and
built from 2 sound layers (4 VAST layers) with a common scheme

Sin -> 2Param Shaper -> 2 Pole LP -> Low Shelf EQ -> Envelope

Second layer can be disabled using midi CC16.

Tremolo rate and delay time linked to tempo.

Slider F sets filter frequency modulation amount from attack velocity.

SW enables small randomization for Sin Amp, Shaper param 1 and Shaper param 2 on on each key press.

Slider A - Sin Amp
Slider B - Shaper param 1 (Evn)
Slider C - Shaper param 2 (Odd)
Slider D - LP Freq
Slider E - LP Resonance
Slider F - Velocity -> LP Freq
Slider G - Ampenv Attack
Slider H - Ampenv Decay
Slider I - Ampenv Impact
Mod wheel - Tremolo Depth
Breath - Chorus level
MIDI 29 (SW) - Randomizer Enable/Disable
MIDI 16 - Disable High tone

Setup contains two zones assigned to midi channel 1:
All controls by default

Slider A - Chorus
Slider B - Delay
Slider C - Reverb
Slider D - Disable High tone