SP6 select Multi via MIDI

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SP6 select Multi via MIDI

Postby theDestroyer » Wed Aug 08, 2018 12:17 am

Hi, I’m new to the set automation game and I’m having some issues.
My rig consists of a Yamaha MOXF8, an Arturia Keylab and my new SP6. Each acts as a controller and a tone generator (not the Keylab of course although I might run some soft synths) with a laptop running Cantabile to orchestrate things. On the MOXF8 side I put it into Song Mode like I would if I was using a remote sequencer and I can issue program change commands on the 16 MIDI channels to get the patches I need. How do I do this on the SP6?
I’ve been able to send individual Program changes in Program mode and at a pinch I could manage with Multi mode but I can’t work out what combination of Bank & Program number to use to get a Multi.
Better still can I get the SP6 to respond to Program change commands on each MIDI channel??

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