Artis 7 FX compatibility

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Artis 7 FX compatibility

Postby cecchino » Tue Dec 04, 2018 10:45 am

Sorry if this question was already answered (I couldn't find any related topic in the forum, but maybe it's just me :) ).
After a couple of (sad) years without any Kurzweil board in my hands maybe I'll be able to get an Artis 7.
I know there are limitations in the FX editing, but I didn't understand if this board can load FX chains already prepared on a PC3 workstation. The reason is simple: during some years of gratifying gigs with my PC3 I have collected some programs with complex chains I don't expect to find preloaded in the Artis, and I'd like to reuse those programs (I know I will have to reprogram Multis but I don't care). If I load in the Artis a PC3 program with a custom FX chain, will the modified chain be loaded as well?
Thank you in advance!
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