Arps Illustrated

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Arps Illustrated

Postby mikeh11 » Thu Dec 21, 2017 1:09 pm

These PDF files have score or graph representations of the different arp patterns found in the Kurzweil PC3* Artis* Forte* and SP* instruments.

These are "draft" quality; I'll go over them more closely. I hope to have final versions done (with your comments and suggestions!) by the end of January. (I've had the images ready since this past spring; I've been avoiding the grunt work of putting them into a document.)

Questions For You:
- the patterns are ordered from shortest to longest: is this OK? (it makes them fit better)
- arp velocity diagrams: should they be the same height, with different scaling?
- arp-duration patterns: would horizontal bars show the pattern better?
- arp-seq scores: is the beaming correct?
- do we need A4 versions?
- anything else you don't like about them ...

Known Issues:
- I need to re-arrange the arp-velocity diagrams; it's messy.
- the files are too large. I need to see about using EPSI images instead of importing little PDF files. I think they're large because each little PDF file is treated separately, so there's lots of redundant font and drawing information. Or not.


All models:
* ArpShift-draft.pdf == arp shift patterns across all models
* ArpVel-draft.pdf == arp velocity patterns across all models
* VPmap-draft.pdf == velocity and pressure maps, not arp related

Forte* and SP6 only:
* ArpSeq-draft.pdf == step sequence patterns
* ArpDur-draft.pdf == seven duration patterns

All the arp patterns, illustrated and notated.
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