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SPSetups: Setup Banks for the SP4 (Banks 9+10) .3sb format

PostPosted: Fri Apr 19, 2019 7:04 am
by Kurzhead
SPSetups: User Setups for the SP4 Series: Banks 9 and 10 (.3sb format)

SPSetups Banks are banks of 64 User Setups for the Kurzweil SP series of synthesizers.
The Setups in each SPSetup bank have been created by i) “layering” existing, publicly-available Program sounds and, in many cases, ii) adding one of the SP4's onboard digital processing effects.

Attached are the following:

An "Instructions for Use" document (pdf format)

Two SPSetups banks provided as .3sb files (which can be loaded to the SP from a PC installed with SoundTower SP SoundEditor software)

Remember to FIRST Save All your existing SP User objects, THEN load an SPSetup bank.
Enjoy! … and please provide feedback to this posting on any favorites.

Roy Evans, MA, USA