New to me Pc2 - editing struggles so far

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New to me Pc2 - editing struggles so far

Postby marku » Tue Aug 07, 2018 9:51 pm

Just purchased used PC2-76 as bottom piano board mainly using my PC361 as slave. I do however, want to play PC2 sounds/setups directly at times and for gig backup if PC361 quits.

I am not real good at programming but figured since I had edited and created many multi-board setups in PC361 I could set up PC2 as controller for key-play only pretty quick; as well as some editing on the PC2 for the KB3 and others. I have been able to set up PC2 on Channel 2 for playing my PC361 setups and programmed a slider for volume and reverb for non-KB3 reverb – basic needs. But after considerable fiddling between manual and PC2 sounds I have gotten stumped or not had luck yet with some basic editing so thought I’d ask here those familiar with PC2 to maybe get me over the hump.

KB3 - Using PC2 alone need KB3 to having both reverb and rotary control – [1] How to get controllable reverb while retaining rotary control buttons has me stumped. I cannot figure menu to assign reverb to one slider or other controller (not pedal) while maintaining the rotary control effect. Cannot seem to figure this without sacrificing the rotary control effect… [2] how to edit those crazy KB3 fast rotary settings. Easily found on PC361 menu but not on the PC2 - buried?

Software: I see that there was software editor for PC2 that was discontinued at Sonic. I did find post only as recently as 2015 where I guy offered program for non-commercial use but link was dead. I am thinking given small screen on PC2 and lengthy menus that the software editor would be fantastic help.

Sorry if these questions are dumb but feel like I am wasting a lot of time with just the manual(s) and small screen. Any links or tips greatly appreciated--- Thanks in advance..
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