SP4 sound expectations for my PC361 setups

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SP4 sound expectations for my PC361 setups

Postby marku » Fri Sep 07, 2018 7:44 pm

Just purchased used SP4 from GC excellent condition (controller/backup for my PC361) -EXCEPT found out after receiving that USB port does not work (has V2.10.1). I conferred with Kurzweil support (Jean is great) and likely will need repair, so I need to debate quickly about keeping/reparing the unit.

I see PC3 setups can import (cherry pick 150+ for cover band and B3 jazz) so I picked an SP4-7. BECAUSE I cannot load any files given bad USB port in SP4 I went ahead and have been comparing programs that are the same in both and have noticed PC361 is distinctly more lush sounding for some EP, piano, and definitely the KB3.

Is that because of the better processing capabilities of the PC361, or if I were able to load the PC361 setups would there be improvement? As an example couple of the common KB3 programs on SP4 (i.e. Ninth bar) sound too gritty and not refined (also distortion compared to PC3 allowing full dial out seems set about half way on entry). I tried effects editing SP4 but midi list seems limited and could not find way to adjust- adjusting reverbs only and some losing distortion altogether—would the PC3 programs load and sound/play similar to PC361 program/setups using SP4?

Big interest in KB3 organs on PC3 for SP4. I understand that some (such as those using double leslie) would not be supported but a lot of my setups on PC361 just work from more basic PC3 KB3 programs such as warm B3 --- Unfortunately, cannot try SP4 editor with USB malfunctioning! If the sound quality will be noticeably changed or reduced for PC361 imports. Hmm.. maybe I need to start looking at new SP6 as feel snake bit on this used pristine SP4 with bum USB (although I hate weighted keys - also must say not fond of these sharp Medelli keys on SP4 – they need edges smoothed and not as quality feel as Fatar IMO - but SP6 uses Medilli also).

Thanks for any insights – will help decision. (Sure wish that USB were working so I did not have to ask such and open ended question)
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