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Postby Javier Alberola » Thu Dec 27, 2018 5:55 pm


My name is Javier, and I am a music hobbyist. Some years ago I played in pop/rock bands with an SP3x and a PC3x. They sounded beautifully with the presets, but now I'm trying to improve my programming skills. I'm copying some of my favourite SP3x sounds into the PC3x, using the PC2 editor to see how the sounds are made (the SP3x programs are included in the PC2 banks). I'm also programming some sounds from scratch like the Van Halen's 1984, but the result is not quite good. I've seen that midioltv has programmed a very good version of the patch, and I would like to study it.

My interests are oriented to learn more about synth programming an using the PC3x, and I think that this is a good forum to do it.

Best regards!

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