PC3LE - Trigger Pads with MIDI

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PC3LE - Trigger Pads with MIDI

Postby dischneider » Wed Dec 26, 2018 1:28 pm

Hi all,

wish you to have had a great christmas!

I have a PC3LE8 and I bought it especially of the 8 Pad-Keys.
Sometimes I have both hands playing at the keyboard and want to fire a special sequence or fill in with the riff function. So I had the idea to trigger this by a feet controller.

I bought a cheap 5 key controller without logic and used a bit brain and a soldering iron to make a midi controller.
If someone is interested I can make a small documentation, is really easy.

The idea is to use 2 Keys for data inc and data dec (usable for next / previous sound or setup), a foot switch function instead of pedal and two keys for triggering pad 1 and pad 2.

I know I can change the setups with midi notes as start and stop for riffs but instead I want to use the Pads itself. So does anyone know if I can trigger the pads with MIDI (maybe CC?).

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Re: PC3LE - Trigger Pads with MIDI

Postby jankob » Wed Jan 02, 2019 6:36 am

Hi, maybe I could help you, I have LE, but I do not understand what you want to do.
What do you want to use the drum pads for? Do you want to trigger eg. riff with the drumpads and with the MIDI pedals too?
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