K2000r(s) module and keytar's

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K2000r(s) module and keytar's

Postby bjamin9 » Tue Jan 22, 2019 4:10 pm


So "I" am a keyboard player that also owns (DARE I SAY) a few keytar's.
I own a Yamaha KX-5, Korg RS-100 (yes, I know it has internal sounds) and
a Roland AX-7.

I usually one of these midi - wireless.

My problem has been finding a decent synth module to use with them.
While I love my D-05, there are times I want good acou or el pno's or other sounds that the Roland
can't supply.

I also have a Kurzweil K2000r module.
I have never used it for this type of scenario.
Does anyone have any patches they'd be willing to share for leads?

One last thing that I have noticed with keytars (and with the Yamaha and Roland),
That when you call up a patch from that keyboard, sometimes the info does not fully get sent to the
synth module. It's as if the synth gets put in some sort of in-between patch mode and can't get out of it unless you literally go to that synth and hit the program buttons. Anyone run into this? Again this is only for transmitting midi data, not sounds over a reg guitar wireless.

Anyway, info on the patches for the K and other insights appreciated.


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Re: K2000r(s) module and keytar's

Postby hipogrito » Tue Feb 05, 2019 10:07 am


In ksetlist you will not see a lot of K-series users. Objects supported here are from PC3 (2008) and newer.

I would suggest to go to Mastering VAST to find more K-series users http://forums.godlike.com.au/

Keytars are awesome! :)

Yes I work at Kurzweil but anything I write here is just on behalf of myself, not the company.
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