Hello from birth plays of Yuri Gagarin, Russia!

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Hello from birth plays of Yuri Gagarin, Russia!

Postby Angelo Taylor » Tue Jun 25, 2019 3:05 pm

Hello, Community! ;) I glad to see everyone!

My name in russian - sound not very easy for english pronunciation - Anjey Kravtsov. Its can be translate in english as "Angelo Taylor" - it is my composer nick-name. I`m russian, I born in Nalchik City, witch is south of Russia. Elbrus Mounth - is not very far from Nalchik City - only about 70 km :)

I start making instrumental space music in 19 years old - to late, in Nalchik City, in 1990, with analog equipment only, but now, I have about 30 years experience with it and many skills. Now I live in Central Russia, in Gagarin City (it is 180 km from Moscow)
I was cooperating with Roskosmos (Russian Space and Research Agency) and produce first Space Music Festival in Russia - in cooperating with Yuri Gagarin Museum from 2015 to about 2017.

For my music occupation, I create my home studio. It is hardware Pro Tools Mix Plus TDM based. Now I have 3 Yamaha, 1 Roland, 1 Korg, 1 GEM and 2 Kurzweil synths.

Kurzweil - is my beloved synths, I've never seen something more power from digital modular synthesis.

I have a 2 Kurzweils: K2000R, and PC3LE. I use it for studio tasks, especially for analog gear emulation.

What about my music? If You like Jean Michel Jarre, Didier Marouani, Kitaro, Karunesh, Kamal, Vangelis (and etc.) - You will be like main. It is a lot bandwidth of music genres: from traditional Electronics, New Russian SY Folk to New Age and small part of Neo-classic. Now I deeply study some skills of VAST!

Thank You!

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