KB3 Jazz organ B3 [SP6/ PC3]

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Re: KB3 Jazz organ B3 [SP6/ PC3]

Postby neilcrewe » Thu Sep 05, 2019 8:37 am

Thanks for this. I got the Leslie working, by disabling the reverb, using the Soundtower editor. It looks like 10 fx units is too much for the SP4. I used the sax chamber effect for reverb (like most of the default organ programs use), and now the Leslie works.
Unfortunately the editor won't change the drawbar settings (they claim it is an SP4 OS bug), and the program seems to have a 1' drawbar on, which I can't remove. It also makes it very difficult to create different registrations. None of this your fault of course, but it gets very frustrating working around bugs like this, which nobody ever bothered to fix!
Thanks again for the grat program!
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