Need help with my SP4/7

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Need help with my SP4/7

Postby eibinger » Sat Jan 11, 2020 4:39 am

I love my Forte7, but I love my (old) SP4/7, too. It is very, very light and nearly all sounds (I know, it is only a collection) are great making music in my cover-band.

But ...

Since 2 months I have a problem, which is also known by the wonderful SYNTHESIZER-SERVICE in Andernach (germany). But no one could find a solution. Perphaps this forum will be the right way.

This is the description:
Switching on the sp4/7 (sometimes - not in all cases) the sound is scratching and in-/decreasing for a while (aprox 1 minute). No possibility to influence this by pressing a button, pulling out the sustain-pedal or something else.
I think - but I am not a professional - it is a problem with temperature and the is damaged soldered point.
Anyone who can give me a hint?

Now I did the test-procedures with the following results: Mara Delay RAM, Mara Sound ROM, Mara Validity, Internal Flash, SDRAM Refresh - all passed. But BURN in LOOP results 5 times a failure. (Test runs in 5 steps with always 5 repetitions).

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