Load Forte/ForteSe/PC3 parches on SP6

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Load Forte/ForteSe/PC3 parches on SP6

Postby sergi » Thu Feb 27, 2020 7:26 am


This is a complete rookie question. I've just purchased my SP6, and very happy with it.

How can I load Forte/ForteSE/PC3 patches on the SP6? The Soundtower SP6 editor only supports ksp6 format files. I don't understand.

And... In a few words, what are the limitations of loading Forte/ForteSE/PC3 patches on SP6?, and normally how is it solved?

Thanks for your patience! ;)

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Re: Load Forte/ForteSe/PC3 parches on SP6

Postby mikeh11 » Thu Mar 05, 2020 9:19 pm

Some of this is covered in the SP6 Musicians Guide, Global Mode, File Page, page 6-8.

Also on https://kurzweil.com/sp6/#faqs
The "Product Comparisons" section says that the SP6 can deal with most PC3 programs, so that's good.
Farther down there is a section that covers "Loading a Data Back Up from a USB Thumb/Flash Drive".
It applies to your situation too.

I usually use a small dedicated thumb drive to move stuff between the laptop and the Kurzweil.
You can also use a USB cable from your PC to the SP6 - the SP6 will appear as a little file system, so drag and drop.

The limitations? Can't load samples. It will try its best to match the sounds to its own ROM samples (the same as Forte and PC4???). Effects might be different.

Have fun!
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