assigning zones to L or R with Lester K

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assigning zones to L or R with Lester K

Postby marku » Thu Mar 26, 2020 9:03 pm

I have a PC361 and gig it with SP4-7 lower board controller for cover tunes that include mix of piano, EP zones played on SP4-7 Zone 2; and organ and various other sounds played on PC361. I am thinking of getting a lester K Leslie sim pedal for my other boards (PC2, MX61, XP30 practice backup boards) --but also would like to try it on PC361 since that is my main board.

Using only PC361 outs, is there a way to assign Zone 2 (SP4-7) to one output (say right) and other zones to the other output (left) to run through the lester K? I am doubting it since I see nothing in manual on that. That would allow me to have Lester K Leslie process the organ sound/Zone and not run the SP4-7 (Zone 2) through the Lester K. I saw a post where Nord user said he had an "organ only out" jack and accomplished that. The Lester K has a bypass mode but I play a lot of setups with organ simultaneous with non-leslie piano/EP

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Re: assigning zones to L or R with Lester K

Postby delaware dave » Fri Mar 27, 2020 7:13 pm

The PC3 also has Aux outputs in addition to the main outs. Rather than try the left/right output trick just assign the zone that has the PC3 organ to the aux outs and attach the aux outs that would only carry the organ signal to the Lester K. You would also have to remove the internal leslie of the PC361 since the lester K will be providing the leslie sim.

Here are the instructions:
Go here:
In the Audio Output section of the FAQ's, see the 5th topic called 'routing KB3 programs to the aux outputs minus the the internal Leslie FX'. Follow the instructions and create a program for this and save the program.
Use this program in the setup you created in one of the zones. This still allows you to use the main outputs as you normally would and use the aux out to deliver the organ sound to the Lester K. By the way, organ only requires one output, i.e. the organ sound is mono, so you only need to connect one of the aux outs to the lester k. The lester K will take the mono signal and do its thing. I do this exact thing except i plug it into a Ventilator rather than a Lester K. A connection from one of the Aux outs is all you need. Since the organ is the only sound going out the aux out of the PC3 you dont need to fiddle with the bypass mode of the Lester K, another advantage of using the Aux Out for just the organ tone.
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