2024 Fund Drive

Dear all,

Welcome to all the new members to Ksetlist!

It’s been a nice steady stream of new Kurzweil users coming this way. Hope you enjoy the sounds that other people have uploaded here and hope you will also upload your own sounds.

Ksetlist is a community based on sharing sounds by Kurzweil users like you. Please contribute.

As you know, the site is not about me or about Kurzweil as a company, I just put the framework for all this. But this is about you. About the sounds you need and about the sounds you already have that others need. A platform to put together all of you in an orderly way.

I’d like to thank those who religiously put $5/year to help me with the costs of the site. Even people that own other websites are doing this, which is amazingly generous.

This is the time of the year when I have to pay the $99 of the security certificate, which is one of the biggest costs Ksetlist has. If you have already contributed, thanks, but if you haven’t, please contribute with $5 via the Paypal link you can see on the site. It’s easy, it’s secure and it keeps this site alive. Even more important, it avoids that my wife gets mad at me for spending the money on this. And I can tell you, you don’t want that!

2024 will also give us two new Kurzweil pro keyboards, the K2088 and the K2061, as we showed at NAMM. They will come later in the year but they will be compatible, format-wise, with the K2700/PC4/PC4SE/Forte, so files will be easily shareable between those products. I expect to see a bunch of K2088/61 users eventually here at Ksetlist. For that I need all of you to tell the world that this site actually exists!

Thank you all, and let’s keep sharing great sounds!

You guys are great!



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