And 2022 is almost done

Dear all,

2022 is almost done. Just a few lingering days to reflect on the old passing year and to look forward to the brand new year that is yet to come.

Ksetlist has seen a very low posting activity year. Probably the lowest ever. On the other hand there are lots of new users signing in (even excluding all the SPAM bogus users) to download the content that already exists, which is great content.

The reasons are multiple. On one side, there are some classic forums with expert Kurzweil overlords still going strong like the great Mastering VAST forum. On the other side, Facebook groups have grown a lot and have a lot of activity. There are a bunch of them so I’m not going to put links but if you are on Facebook you can just search for them.

Ksetlist was never meant to compete with any of those two. It was always about having a place to upload and download sounds in an organized way. That’s it! And, while it has some discussion forums, that was never the goal and it will keep not being the goal. It isn’t a company forum either, so even if I manage it and I work for Young Chang (makers of Kurzweil), it’s not related to my job, which is write and mange the software, so I’m not in the forum often. It’s not a “Ask Fran a question” forum. Of course if there is something I can help with, I will, as you know, but I can’t stress this enough, Ksetlist is a repository of sounds by the community for the community.

Now, when people don’t visit the place often, as you do with social media like Facebook, people tend to forget it exists and contributions start winding down and the place looks more abandoned. But, I can tell you, there are new users downloading sounds every week. It’s actually very much alive on the Download side.

Now, my wish for 2023 is for those users who are downloading sounds, to upload just a few of their own favorite sounds to Ksetlist and help grow the library. I know, some people think their sounds are not good enough, but, if you use it in your cover band to play a song from a famous artist, please post it. Somebody will appreciate it. Thanks!

On the SPAM side, bogus users are coming to the forum in the thousands, and I’ll try to do a big cleanup soon. Remember to post at least ONE post introducing yourself. If you have ZERO posts, your account will be deleted!!! That’s the only way I have to know real vs SPAM. So, if you haven’t done it yet, please introduce yourself in the People forum.

I wish all of you a great 2023 and keep playing great music with great Kurzweil keyboards!



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