NAMM 2023


NAMM 2023 was a good NAMM for us in Kurzweilworld. Smaller than others for sure and with some notable absences (No Roland, Korg just a sales box, …) but for us it was positive.

Our booth was inside the AM&S area as they are Kurzweil US distributors and they run the whole show really well. We had K2700, PC4, PC4 SE, SP7G and the new SP7 ready for people to give them a try. One of the best things at NAMM is to interact with the Kurzweil users at the booth and hear their stories. From the guy that had more than 100 synths, including several Kurzweil keyboards, to the gal that was trying one to step up her gear.

We had very good performances at the AM&S stage that brought big crowds. Chris Martirano as always showing lots and lots of features of our keyboards, Myron McKinley trio were out of this world, Kash Iyengar (with his drummer Cole) is growing each year as a keyboard wizard and the always tasteful Nick Smith with his smooth jazz. Additionally Myron played a K2700at the MIDI@40 event in the NAMM big stage to celebrate the 40th anniversary of MIDI in a show full of superstars like Mark Ishan, Jordan Rudess, Mike Garson and others.

Next year NAMM is back to January and, hopefully, back to its full size.

See you there!



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