I’m glad to report that the site’s health is way better now after I cut the automatic registrations. SPAM is under control now and it’s a great relief to me.

The only thing to take into account is that new registrations might take few days to be activated as you know I do this as a (very) side thing. So, new users, please be a little patient. It’s worth the wait.

We are starting the Spring season and this is when the renewal of the security certificate of the site happens. That’s my biggest expense along with the domain and server. As every year, I would first like to thank those of you who has donated at any moment to keep Ksetlist alive. Your contribution has kept this site alive so far. Thanks!

But, there are lots of you who have never contributed, and I would want to ask you to chime in $5 via the Donation button to help me pay for all this and avoid that my wife gets mad at me. Believe me, you don’t want that my wife gets mad at me!

This site is NOT funded by Young Chang (Kurzweil) in any way, even if I am an employee of the company. Also, the Google ads money is pretty ridiculous.

Ksetlist is a community of user sharing sounds and I hope it can be maintained by the community.

Thanks for your support!




  1. Glad to know things are going better.
    I will renew my contribution hoping other people will do the same!
    Come on, folks, don’t be stingy…

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