And 2021 is about to leave us. What a weird year. Lots of ups and downs with the pandemia; vaccines, mutations, back to normality, back to restrictions, losing friends, musicians that resumed touring to then have them canceled again, it’s been definitely a weird year. I really hope that 2022 will eventually settle down in a path towards normality even if the beginning will be crazy with Omicron.

Ksetlist have also had a weird year. On one hand the platform seems to be stable. We have lots of spambots attacking it but it’s holding up pretty well. Remember to write at least one post in the forum if you don’t want your account deleted (all accounts with zero posts get deleted as they are considered spam). While we have gotten some new sounds (thanks!) the rate is pretty slow. I would encourage you to keep posting those sounds that will make the lives of other fellow keyboardists much easier. That’s the spirit of this site, to share sounds. Please share!

The PC4 is doing really well and has brought us a new generation of Kurzweil users. And they will be soon joined by the K2700 and PC4 SE users. In other words, there’s going to be plenty of new people to have more action on the site. I hope it is actually noticeable.

Personally, this year marked my 15th year working at Young Chang Research and Development Institute (R&D – Kurzweil). Lots of things have happened since I joined the company to work on the PC3. Countless keyboards, constant evolution, this company never rests. In these last two years there have been lots of challenges not just for us, but for all the industry. Lockdowns, chip shortages, shipping delays due to transportation bottlenecks, tradeshows cancelled, but overall good keyboard sales across the industry. People still want to play keyboards and digital pianos.

We will see what 2022 has prepared for us. We are ready to adapt no matter what.

Last, remember to click that Donate button to help maintaining Ksetlist alive (to pay for hosting and security certificate). If you pay $5/year it’ll be more than enough to keep this site alive and kicking.

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and I wish you a very healthy and musical 2022.



2 thoughts on “2021”

  1. Hello Fran and hello everyone.
    Years ago I bought a Pc3 Le and participated in the development of its software in Beta version, the truth is that I achieved great sounds with its great keyboard and I was very happy with it, that’s why today I have a PC3 K and probably, soon, I will I will change to 2700.
    I will try to upload some sounds for the PC3 LE series AND also for the PCE, PC3 K.
    Sites like this must remain open and it is worth giving our support and so I am going to do it.
    Franc, at the time you helped me a lot, me and many other Kurzwellians and now is the time to live up to it.
    Sorry for my bad English.
    Greetings and music!!

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