February 23


More K2700’s are getting in the hands of users and the feedback we are receiving is amazing. Also some big names are starting to use it, which is always very cool, including the Broadway guys that already have it in some shows around the globe. Reviews are coming out in webs and magazines too. Check official Kurzweil social media to see their links. External Editor, Controllers and Plug ins are also either released or being released these days, so check them out at kurzweil.com .

PC4 SE is also starting to show up. It’s like an improved SP6 with a sequencer and nicer UI. We put a good amount of work in adding on-screen help quick tips that will make the life of a newbie to Kurzweil much easier, and having a larger screen than the SP6 will make it easier to edit your multi zones, for example. While there is not much buzz about it, because it comes right after the K2700 and that one is getting all the attention, this PC4 SE could be a great keyboard for those of you who mostly play presets (it has a ton!) but need good MIDI control and like to record your MIDI tracks on the keyboard, among other improvements. Of course you can always pay a little more and go to the PC4 with all the features but, if you don’t need those extra features, this one will do it for you at a lower price point.

We have Beta groups open for K2700, PC4, Forte and SP6. Soon we’ll open the PC4 SE. If you own any of those keyboards you can send me a message to sign up.

k2700_beta (at) ycrdi (dot) com

pc4_beta (at) ycrdi (dot) com

forte_beta (at) ycrdi (dot) com

sp6_beta (at) ycrdi (dot) com.

One reminder. KSetlist is not an official communication forum for Kurzweil. You can write in the forum asking about this or that but that does not mean that anybody at Kurzweil (other than me) will look at it. And I am not a support person so I’ll answer occasionally. If you really need to ask something to Kurzweil there is a support page at kurzweil.com and I will recommend you to go thru it. Writing in the forum is meant just as a communication tool for users of Ksetlist.

As always, the main goal of Ksetlist is to share free sounds of famous songs for other fellow Kurzweil players to use in their shows. Making the life of each other easier.

Please share!

And remember to make good music.



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