Beta Programs


In Kurzweil we have Beta Programs for most of our PRO keyboards. With these programs we get real users of a keyboard to help us finding bugs or testing new features that we are adding to that product. Their feedback has been really important for us and some features you currently enjoy in your brand new Kurzweil keyboard might have come from their suggestions and comments.

These Beta Testers know that they are not only making the keyboard better for them but also for all the rest of the users all around the world. We have had the altruistic help of hundreds of Beta Testers in the past decade and we have seen how some of them have gone through different Kurzweil keyboards during this time, like for example the one that had a PC3K and moved to the Forte but then bought an SP6 to have a lighter keyboard to play live. The knowledge of some of these users of the Kurzweil engine and features is amazing. Sometimes they even surprise us with things that they are doing with their keyboards that we didn’t even think about it.

The Beta Programs are more active in the first years of the life-cycle of a product and then they will eventually fade out into sunset as we move into newer products. But in some cases it can last a good bunch of years if that keyboard is one of those special keyboards that we may use to develop newer products. That’s the case of the Forte, for example, that is 6 years old and it’s still getting Beta releases (yeah, one is coming soon).

I can’t thank enough all the people that are currently part of a Beta program or that have been in the past. They have really made a difference for all of us.

Currently we have Beta Programs open for the SP6 (, Forte (, PC4 ( and Forte SE ( If you have any of these keyboards and want to know more about the Beta Program, please send us an email to the addresses above.

And thanks so much!

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