Use valid email addresses – Anti-SPAM


We get lots of SPAM fake registrations at Ksetlist and, well, at any other community in the planet. In order to avoid those fake accounts SPAMMING the hell out of us, there is an anti-SPAM filter in place. This filter is pretty strong so sometimes it flags as potential SPAMMERS regular users that are coming back to Ksetlist after awhile or are new users.

In the Anti-SPAM filter, if I see somebody flagged who is clear a SPAMMER, I will block their IP. But if it’s unclear, I’ll send an email to that person and that person will have to reply in order to get access to the site. Until I don’t get an answer, there’s no access. So, very important, use a real email address when registering to this site or you might end up flagged as SPAM and blocked just because you are not answering my verification email.

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