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Comments are working


Somebody mentioned that comments were not working. They are. But you first need to register.

Go to one of the posts of the Journal, go down to the comments and you will see a link to Log in.


That will get you to a page like this where you can click on Register.

Once you have registered you can start commenting in the posts.



KeyNum, KeyVel and more


I made these videos long time ago explaining KeyNum, KeyVel and some related Setup/Multi Destinations. They were done on a PC3 but they still apply to products like Forte or Forte SE as well.

Basically you can define scales to be triggered by controllers with the appropriate use of these controllers.

Then, you can change keys as well…



Welcome to Ksetlist Journal!

As you can read in the home page introduction, I’m starting this project to fill a void in the ksetlist world. A place to put articles about Kurzweil products that it’s easy to read in desktops but also in mobile platforms.

Articles of tips and tricks, power-user profiles that can be written by me or by collaborators. Because, yes, this place is open to collaborators. If any ksetlist user wants to write an article about something, please let me know your idea.

In addition, this is a conscious effort to go off-Facebook. There are many great user groups in Facebook. I’m part of them. They are great. And Facebook offers many solutions for collaborating, etc. But there are people that just don’t want to be part of Facebook, specially with all the latest privacy concerns. And I totally understand that. Therfore, I wanted to have this Journal as a totally off-Facebook traditional website. Time will tell how that goes.

In terms of comments, the users of this Journal are NOT the same as the ksetlist forum. They both use a different engine. So, if you want to comment in the articles, you’ll have to register in the Journal.