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Latest FSE programs for SP6 with duplicates removed  

Viva la vida Lister Patron
A file of the extra Forte SE programs not already in the SP6 extracted from the latest FSE object set 2.01.12 (OS update V220). The file contains only programs as all the keymaps, FX etc are already there. All the programs just work when loaded - no relinking of dependants is necessary
Rather than the full FSE set which would repeat many programs, I've done my best to remove duplicates (I might have missed some - no guarantees!) so the attached file is (intended to be) just the additional programs.
They are also re-ordered and re-numbered to fit in better with the SP6 program categories - there are 10 categories in the SP6 compared to 16 in the FSE.
Hope someone may find it useful
I also have the cross reference spreadsheet I made to find program duplication which includes a list of all programs in the file together with all the objects in the SP6 and FSE KUF files. Happy to upload if anyone would like a copy
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Posted : 03/07/2022 6:41 pm
Viva la vida Lister Patron

And the file - hadn't realised it needed to be zipped

Posted : 03/07/2022 6:52 pm
Never gonna give you up Lister Patron

I have a PC4, but many thanks for the useful contribution to all SP6 users.

Posted : 04/07/2022 12:52 pm