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Annual State of Ksetlist Address  

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Penny Lane Lister


This is my annual renewal time and I'd like to check on the health of the website.

The server cost gets more expensive each time, specially since last Goddady screw up with the domains, they needed to upgrade the server to a more expensive one... I'm not happy about that. This comes out of my pocket directly.

So, I'd like to see if people are checking the website periodically or not, and if people have plans to share more sounds or not... because, in the end, this is all about sounds... if you share more, more people will come to try those sounds, and with more traffic I might get closer to break even, which is far from a reality right now...

Please tell me,



Posted : 21/01/2019 7:21 pm
Bring me to life Lister

I am checking ksetlist about every 3 days. I am planning to upload some sounds here but the time is my enemy now :(
Maybe in February.

What about some popularization of the site eg. on facebook? There are many Kurzweil groups. I am trying to recommend this site to every one newbie asking for some good Kurzweil-sound stuff.

What about you, all the others? :mrgreen:

Posted : 21/01/2019 11:58 pm
Ordinary World Lister

I check the side nearly 5 times a day (minimum!) and I am very thankful for this service - but indeed, the sharing-aspect is very low. Perhaps I have to realize, that my SP4/7 is old and "out of service"!
I love this keyboard, I sold my PC3/61 and I consider to buy a SP4/8, but everyone wants to use a PC3A/K, a Forte or a SP6. to keep in connection with new sounds, I tried to import real PC3-Sounds, but I made bad experiences, so I only use the great number of PCLE-Sounds (thanks to this forum).

But what I dislike is, that my posts won't be replied. I think there is a great number of oberservers in this forum, but only a little number of people, who want to make a real exchange of sounds or knowlegde.

The forum is much better than a fb-group and in times of "leaving fb" it is a real alternative!

Thanks for this great job, hipogrito!

Posted : 22/01/2019 12:56 am
Never gonna give you up Lister Patron

For the past year, ever since the Godaddy screwup, I have been unable to access the site directly. What I have to do is enter the URL into Google and get here by redirect.

Because of this and the slow traffic around here these days I only check in about once a week now.

I love this site and still own my PC3K8 but I am not much of a sound sculptor, though I am still learning.

I really would hate to see this site shut down.

Have you considered other, cheaper hosting options?

Gary ;)

Posted : 24/01/2019 8:42 pm
Bring me to life Lister

Hi all,

I bought in December my first Kurzweil SP6.
I'm visiting every week the to try-out new sounds.
The diversity and the quality of the sounds are mostly amazing and that's why this website is very valuable for me.

As a beginner of the Kurzweil family, it's hard to look through the sound settings and the software editor is not easy to use. I'm not giving up and in the future I wil certainly share my sounds on this website.

Best regards,

Posted : 27/01/2019 3:59 am
Uptown funk Lister

Hola, hace apenas unos meses obtuve mi primer Kurzweil (Forte), me gusta que haya un sitio dedicado a Kurzweil para compartir y crear discusiones. Apenas estoy aprendiendo sobre el Forte, y sé que me falta mucho por aprender, por esa razón chequeo Kselist, aunque a decir verdad me gustaría que fuera más activo, pero agradezco todo el esfuerzo que haces para mantener el sitio. Necesitamos crear una comunidad.

Posted : 29/01/2019 11:23 pm
Bring me to life Lister

I check the site about every 2 days. Not much of a programmer though.

Posted : 30/01/2019 7:34 am
Never gonna give you up Lister Patron

I check this forum almost daily.
I've been without any Kurzweil instrument for more than one year due to personal problems, but I could recently get a SP4-7 (waiting to replace it with a PC3) that I could fill with almost all the sounds I needed thanks to this forum. I hope to get a PC3 soon and to be able to contribute actively.
Thank you, Fran!

Posted : 30/01/2019 7:45 am
Viva la vida Lister Patron

Hi Fran
My visits to this forum tend to be somewhat eratic. I can be away for a couple of weeks with no chance to access but then visit maybe every two or three days for a few weeks. If I am looking for an answer to something particular then probably more often and have found some great sounds and and very useful general tips.
Afraid I haven't got round to uploading yet, still working on some sounds and not happy with them yet.

I have loaded most of the Kurzweil sound banks from the website to my Forte - some good sounds amongst them but it can be time consuming finding what is in each, I have copied the description files contained in the downloads into a document file and indexed it. Means I can have a hard copy printout handy for reference which is particularly useful where controller assignments are listed.
Happy to upload a PDF copy to share if that's ok - it is material copied from the Kurzweil website though so thought best to check first

Thanks for all your hard work

Posted : 30/01/2019 8:51 am
Ordinary World Lister


Can you PM me how much it costs you and how much traffic comes to the site - I maybe able to help out with the hosting.

I visit a couple of times a month , mainly when Im looking for advice or new sounds etc.

Another point - have you considered moving to a FaceBook group instead perhaps ?

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Posted : 11/02/2019 5:11 pm
Penny Lane Lister


First, the server is renewed, just don't tell my wife ;-)

Before the next renewal I'll check different options and/or fight Godaddy to go back to the basic plan. But thanks a lot for the offering, we might talk in the future!

Ksetlist is anti-Facebook by nature for several reasons.

There are great Kurzweil forums on Facebook already. That's covered. And I'm a member in a good bunch of them. If you are in Facebook, look for them. They are good.

Facebook doesn't offer a good organized way to classify uploads like the A-Z forum we have here. It's very simple to find a Van Halen sound here, you go to the V and look there. Super-Easy.

And, more important, there is a growing number of people that don't want to deal with Facebook at all. Facebook is intrusive, to say the least. And some people just don't go for it. Ksetlist (and other good places like Mastering VAST) tries to be a home for those people. There is no collection of personal data or any other stuff like that here.

But, yes, clearly Facebook simplifies the traffic, people go there for other reasons and then just check the groups. That part makes it easier. Easier to create a habit (others might call it addiction) to look at it periodically. Instead you might visit ksetlist one day, but as there isn't too much action, you might forget about it and check it back in a month. And, with time, that makes the site less alive. With more action, it could be better, for sure. I've been in other forum-based communities that were very active because they had more daily action.

The Journal is an attempt to offer some content in a different format but, honestly, I have very little time to do a good job on it and keep it updated often, which is what it needs to really become what it can be. But I'll keep trying. There are ways to solve that, by opening it to other users. There are thousands of ksetlisters, if only a bunch of them would write something interesting once in a while we could get a very active Journal and that would surely attract more movement to the forum.

Competitions like we used to have are great as some of the resulting sounds are awesome, but very few people submit anything and many times there weren't any submissions, that's why they are temporarily stopped.

With a little more action in the forum, the ads would cover a good portion of the cost. Right now they cover like 1/3. So there is potential growth there.

In any case, this forum is made for YOU. You add the content that matters, the sounds, and you download what others create. The main spirit of the forum is to SHARE. And you are the ones sharing stuff and the ones downloading stuff. That's still the main goal. You have a top 40 band, you come here and download hundreds of sounds ready to be played in your regular setlist. That's about it. I would hope people would upload more. And I'll keep trying to encourage people to do it :)

But, above all, Thanks a lot for those of you who have uploaded the amazing sounds that are here. You rock!


Posted : 11/02/2019 6:59 pm
Ordinary World Lister

Agree with all that 100%

For me , the reason I dont upload anything for people to share is I dont have any PC based editor, the one editor that does exist seems buggy at best. Plus add on top of that I cant do all the editing techy stuff, especially when others are so much better, vast may as well be brain surgery for me.

I just chip in - whenever there is something of small value I can add. Keep up the good work everybody

eCommerce software that lives in the cloud and can be used on multiple websites at the same time (FaceBook #1 ecommerce app) , physical products and digital / sound / audio / downloads - and it's FREE

Posted : 12/02/2019 5:08 pm
Bring me to life Lister

I don’t do any sound creation. I can do very slight edits, but nothing earth shattering. Maybe a small user fee would be the answer. Just a thought. I visit here quite a bit and would also hate to see it end.


Posted : 02/03/2019 7:29 am
Ordinary World Lister

I shared some Setups banks for the SP series today (02Mar'19) - shared in the "Compilations" area of the site.

SP4 Advocate

Posted : 02/03/2019 3:19 pm
Uptown funk Lister

Hello hippogrito!

I thank you for your offering and making this ksetlist website!

Just joined here for the first time.
A Kurzweil keyboard has been on my list of wishes for decades, and finally was affordable, a PC3.

You have provided a valuable resource here, and for many years!
I am new to the Kurzweils, and the ksetlist too, a baby, just beginning!

The cost of websites I know and understand too.
There is a company I use (Storm Internet- UK) for my friend's website ( ) - I pay for the hosting and have just renewed th domain for him, every two years - so I also empathise with your challenge to pay for the services.

My thanks for your continued offering.
I will promote where I can, for people to know about your wonderful resource.

All the best for your season break and the new year sir!

Posted : 23/12/2019 2:33 am
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