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Does anyone have the PC3LE 2.26 download?  

Bring me to life Lister

I've got an email in to Kurzweil, but thought I'd check here too. I know they're busy with the PC4 rollout.

Anyways, I pretty much bricked my LE by accidentally formatting the flash. No objects, sound - nothing but a boot loader screen.
Diagnostics all show OK, but if I try to load the OS files, I get some kind of "usb device not supported or not present" message.
The bootloader screen shows a different version than what the 2.27 download instructions shows.
So I thought maybe if I could try 2.26 instead, it might do something. But it's not on Kurzweil's site.
So if anyone has it, maybe you could post it up or pm it to me or something.

Edit: forgot to ask if anyone has run across a listing of compatible thumb drives for the LE.
Reading in their knowledge base, it says there's only 100ma power available for them.
But thumb drives usually don't list the power they require.

Posted : 02/09/2019 8:29 pm
Bring me to life Lister

Update and for future reference - it took me two days, but I got the files loaded.
Tried unzipping, formatting, deleting everything but the required files, researching usb drive power requirements, taking the board apart to look for loose connections/broken wires, and so forth.

Not sure what exactly did it, but I formatted a fresh, small (8 gb) PNY drive (research showed they had low power requirements), left the files zipped, and those were the only files on the drive, each separate (not in a folder), and the board finally recognized and loaded the files.
Life is good. :lol:

Can't wait for the PC4.

Posted : 03/09/2019 1:05 pm
Ordinary World Lister ... tem_Files/

Walk around the directories for other models, too.

PC3LE6 2.27 | K2000R 3.87J | MBP 2012 macOS 10.14.6

Posted : 12/09/2019 7:24 am
Bring me to life Lister

Walk around the directories for other models, too.



Posted : 12/09/2019 8:47 am
Bring me to life Lister

Thanks to mikeh11 for very useful download link for older OS ver. for PC3LE.
I have one question (for all PC3LE users who red this) about your instrument functioning. Did you have problems, from time to time, with restartiong of your PC3LE? If you had, please explain your problems and how you solved it if you solved.
Thanks in advance, and all best!

Posted : 04/10/2019 1:41 am