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[Solved] How to change yamaha modx setlist from forte?  

Viva la vida Lister

Hi everyone! 

Can somebody help me in how to program the forte to be abble to change setlist from yamaha modx? On my other keyboard,  casio px-5x it was easy, but on forte I couldn't find the way. 


Any help is welcome!

All the best!




Posted : 26/07/2020 11:48 am
Viva la vida Lister

Hi everyone!


Bad Mister from yamaha synth forum helped me out with the above mentioned problem.


Here it is:

"It looks like Kurzweil uses the MSB/LSB/PC method where you need to do a little math to get a single Bank Select value.

This is my best guess:
Set the “Bank Mode” = Ctl 0/32
Your MODX uses both MSB (CC0) and LSB (CC32).
You will input a single value for the “MIDI Bank”
Here is the formula...

(MSB x 128) + LSB = MIDI Bank Number

The MODX User LIVE SET PAGE #1 is MSB 62, LSB 0
So that works out as (62x128) + LSB = MIDI Bank Number
(7,936) + 0 = MIDI Bank Number = 7936

The MODX User LIVE SET PAGE #2 is MSB 062, LSB 1
(62x128) + 1 = MIDI Bank Number = 7937

The Program Change number will be a number from 0-15, or if your unit doesn’t do zero, 1-16. There are 16 Live Set slots per PAGE.
16 PAGEs to each of the Live Set’s eight Banks.

In the “MIDI Program” slot see if 0 or 1 is the first character (computers start counting properly at zero, normal humans start counting at one) therefore be aware if your program is off by one — this is the reason.

There are 16 slots per Live Set PAGE.
I wouldn’t say there are 0-15 slots, 16 is the common language... computer systems start counting with zero."


May it will help others too.



Posted : 29/07/2020 4:09 pm