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K2061 ?

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Paul Suitela
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Finally, after > 10 yrs or so, a new 61 board was spotted on the NAMM2024. I hope this really happening for us Kurzweil users, as we are in desperate need of new portable professional kurzweil gear 🙂 

Posted : 09/02/2024 10:35 am
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Stay tuned for the news about the K2061 and K2088 at  The prototypes had a very good reception at the NAMM show.




Posted : 16/02/2024 1:16 pm
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I want one. Now. Like .. this very second. Please awfully thank you. 

I'm yet to de-commission my Forte7 - it's just too damn good - and my K2700 is basically my main studio keyboard (which I know is a ridiculous waste). But both are big, bulky and heavy so, in order to build a 'fly rig' (lightweight/small) for smaller gigs, I picked up a cheap Korg Nautilus61 as I have had a Kronos for years. This was the first time I had to import samples for patches on the Nautilus/Kronos. To call it tortuous is an understatement on par with "the spanish inquisition were sometimes a little bit enthusiastic..."

What I want is a 61key synth version of the modern Ks. With the USB midi host of the K2700 plus the extra line ins (as well as the 2nd line outs). I can live without the usb audio side.

Hang on ... that's the spec of the K2061! 

So please send one over - I'm happy to pay the shipping - asap so I can ditch this klunky Korg (Nautilus just doesn't feel as good as the Kronos : Korg slimmed it down too much) with it's mad file handling and just use something decent.

Pretty please?? 😆 

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Posted : 07/03/2024 11:49 am