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[Solved] Need help on PC3K8 with Setup mode  

Uptown funk Lister

Hello all,

I hope someone can help me with my issue. I've searching all day long in the manual, on the internet, on YT, there's nothing I could find to resolve my problem.

When I start a new setup with 2 zones, I only hear sound from zone 1 (French horn) and nothing from zone 2 (strings), both are default sounds from Program.  There are no pedals connected, it's only the K8 itself.  All values like output, status are for both zones the same.  Even the entry & exit volumes are set at 127 for both zones.  I thought that I had done something wrong until I checked the default setups from factory and even there I only hear the sound from zone 1, all other zones are muted.

So my question is, who can help me ?

Many thanks in advance,


Posted : 26/07/2020 10:51 pm
Viva la vida Lister

...on Forte if the new zone is not added from soft buttons, than it is in a muted state and no sounds from that zone, and has to be unmuted... not sure if this is the same on pc3k..


All the best!

Posted : 28/07/2020 7:29 am
Uptown funk Lister

Hi zoleeon

Thanks for your reply.  Recently I resolved my issue.  First I upgraded the firmware (I was one version behind) and after the upgrade I did a factory reset.  After these I restarted the PC3K8 and I tried the default factory "split" sounds (zones) and those were alive.  I would know if I could create my own zones and all went great.  Now I have it all and I can continue learning more and more.  It's an amazing "machine" which I would never miss next to my Hammond.  These two is my best configuration I've ever had.

Thanks again for your reply and best regards.


Posted : 31/08/2020 7:43 pm