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Will there be a 76 weighted key version of the K2700 ?  

Uptown funk Lister

I currently have a Forte 8 and Kronos 88 and 73 versions. I mainly use the 73 for fly-in gigs in Europe but I’m finding the weight of 88 note boards is getting a bit of a chore so a Forte 7 to add to my collection is of interest to me .

However , Given that K2700 seems to be the board Kurzweil are focusing on , if there was a weighted 76 version in the offing , I guess I’d be better off holding out for that. What’s the general view on that happening ? 

Posted : 09/01/2022 12:02 am
Ordinary World Lister

Who knows? It they decide to do that, they will. They won't tell us beforehand. Although they have  76 key versions of everything else, it seems likely that a K2700-7 will exist someday.

Maybe the PC4-7 is another option for you at this time?  Keys are semi-weighted. Newer than the Forte, closer in time to the K2700, will probably get the OS and sound updates that the K2700 gets.

(personally, I'd be tempted by a K2700/61)

Just my opinions. Good luck!

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Posted : 11/01/2022 2:15 am
Member Admin


At the moment there are no plans for a K2700-7 and I highly doubt it will ever exist but I can't predict the future.

So, my recommendation is that if you like the K2700, go for the one that exists. It's a great keyboard.



Posted : 12/04/2022 6:33 pm