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Mighty Sparrow & Byron Lee "Only a Fool"  

Viva la vida Lister

The very nice organ in this song isn't exactly copied by this remake of one of my jazzy organ sounds, but it's close, adn this is a very usable organ sound, even though it isn't all perfect, it gets the normal harmonic feel pretty well: 1 min 05 m3 (stereo 44.1 256 kbs) No attempt at fancy playing, just an idea of some of the original songs harmonic figures and rythmic variations.

This example from the downloadable sound is recorded like I've described in my Fats Domino's "Blueberry Hill" post.

Most of the ROM organs will sound more distorted in certain fixed ways than I like, so this sound is meant as a clear improvement, lending itself for such great classic organ sounds. You'd better upgrade to OS221 to use my recent sounds, because I'm not sure the sound-jerkyness much more present in the older OSes will do much justice to this type of sound. Of course feel free to try.


Posted : 25/04/2013 9:00 am