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Nobuo Uematsu - Hammond Organ Preset

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I created a Program in the PC3 which sounds similar to Nobuo Uematsu's overdriven Hammond B3 organ sound which has been used extensively throughout the Final Fantasy series as well with his group The Black Mages.

It is based upon the ModelOne preset but definitely has the cool Uematsu vibe going on due to several changes of the initial preset. Depending on the position of the Mod Wheel the timbre ranges from fairly clean to heavily distorted.

The preset is part of my free preset collection which you can download here:

In theses two videos you can watch me play "The Dance Of Eternity" by Dream Theater. I use most of the presets from my package in these videos, therefore you should have a pretty good idea of what you can expect:

Please download and try my presets and subscribe to my Youtube channel because there is definitely more to come. Don't forget to like my videos to express your gratitude. ;)
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Posted : 11/11/2013 8:42 pm