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Greetings from China

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Choton Barua
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Hello Beautiful Folks! Thanks a lot to Fran for welcoming me in this group. 
I had been a K guy (Korg+Kurzweil) for pretty long time though i didnt have that much chance to dig out VAST before. I had a k2600x for many years but sadly it was sitting in my studio (we all know how heavy it is!) and was just a plug n play session without any editing or diving deep. I pretty much grew up using korg workstations. After so many years i was left with Kronos X88 only. Last year i was looking for a 61keys but with all premium functions like aftertouch, sounds, build quality. K2600X left me speechless with all the built in sounds so this time i went straight with a PC3K6. Gave me hard time finding a good one as people tend to not give up their Kurz!
There was a time when i was playing for a living but now i have my own career and doing music only for passion. I used to play pop, country, blues as a session musician for living and rock/metal for my own band. So i had to go through tweaking/buying sounds for shows. Right now my plan is to replicate possible sounds into my PC3K and take it on the road. 
I had been designing/editing my own sounds mainly on Korgs, but VAST is something i found very flexible and less cimplicated than any other brands (I had many Roland workstations as well in the past). 
The day i started digging the PC3K (i've printed 400+ user manual and read that everyday) i really wanted to apologize to Kurzweil developers. They really deserve more recognition than they got. What a mindblowing system architecture! I made a zone within 5mins after just watching their tutorial on YT! How cool and fast is that!
I have bunches of ideas/questions to be shared with you guys, need your help to build my Kurz centered rig. I wil be throwing them off pretty soon and very excited to learn more with you guys! 
I do have some of my own designed sounds, more are collected sound for other synths. I made a few of them into my PC3K, will share them with you.


Posted : 14/03/2023 4:24 am
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Welcome here!

I agree, you have to dig deeper to manage VAST, but when talking about designing zones and (any king of possible) controls, PC series is not difficult at all, you just have to take care of entry/exit values and fx units consumption.



Posted : 16/03/2023 8:33 am