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Hello from the Northwoods  

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Hello everyone,

My name is Max. You may have seen me on other music forums by the same username. In February I bought a used Kurzweil PC3 (the original 76) for use as a practice instrument at college. I'm definitely noticing a learning curve (I've always been a Yamaha and Korg user), so I'd say I'm still sort of a beginner with VAST programming etc. I'm liking the sound quality however, particularly the orchestral sounds (including the strings bank) and electric organs, all of which are significantly better than those on my other keyboards. I've been a professional musician (piano, accordion, organ, keyboards) for the last ten years and so once things get more back to normal I look forward to using the PC3 live as well.

I only have one video with the PC3 up right now.


Anyways, happy to be here. Hopefully I can contribute as I get better at programming.



Kurzweil PC3 with Kore 64, assorted other keyboards and instruments.

Posted : 11/10/2020 2:43 am
Never gonna give you up Lister Patron

Welcome! (11/8... wow!)

Posted : 11/10/2020 9:27 am