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PC4 Templates  

Bring me to life Lister

EDIT:  it appears attachments aren't currently working.  I'll post them ASAP.

I made some simple templates that can hopefully save some programming time.

They are:  SquareSync, SuperSaw, SyncSaw, and FM.

I use release velocity in my programs so they are all set up to take advantage of that.  If you don't like it that way, or can't get used to it, just set the first AmpEnv time to zero.

On the SquareSync, it's on the first layer (Master), and on the FM, it's on the second (non-FM) layer.

I think using RV adds a lot of expressive capabilities to playing, so I hope you'll give them a fair try the way they're set up now before changing them.

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Posted : 23/05/2020 4:30 am
Bring me to life Lister

try this?

Posted : 01/06/2020 11:34 pm