PC4-7 and SP6-7


Don’t miss the preview on the upcoming brand new PC4-7 and the SP6-7 at


With the same features of their 88 keys brothers, in a very slim and light 76 semi-weighted keys package, these two new Kurzweil keyboards are really going to be great for you to carry around without breaking your back. It’s not that the PC4 and SP6 are heavy, because they aren’t as they have plastic enclosures, but the SP6-7 is under 8 kilograms (17.5 pounds) and the PC4-7 is under 9 kilograms (19,4 pounds), which amazing for keyboards with these features.

I remember when back in the day I was carrying my PC2 in a custom metal roadcase and I literally broke my back carrying it around from gig to gig. Well, those times are over! How about carrying a 7 or 8 Kg keyboard with a million of features to your gigs?

Ask your dealer about prices.

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