Spring fundraiser


We are in the middle of the Spring here in the Northern hemisphere and you know what it means. Spring fundraising!

I only ask you to donate $5 a year to help me with the cost of the server, security certificate and domain. You can use the Donate button at ksetlist.com to send your donation in a totally secure way and, not only me, but all the rest of the community will thank you forever.

As most of you know, while I work at Kurzweil, this site is not a company site. It was born with the idea of being a community maintained by the community site. All the amazing sounds you share and you can download is what makes Ksetlist special. I just give you a platform to do it in an orderly way. But recently the costs of maintaining a website have gone up, specially because of the security certificates. As I pay this out of my pocket, if the cost is too high this can get my wife mad. And you don’t want my wife to get mad! Believe me, you don’t!!!

So, please do the sensible here, don’t let my wife get mad and chip in with your five bucks and let’s keep Ksetlist up and running for a long time.

Last, don’t forget the main goal of Ksetlist and upload your best sounds for your favorite cover songs. We have hundreds of sounds already but, with your help, we can be in the thousands!



4 thoughts on “Spring fundraiser”

  1. Hi Fran, maybe I wrote this before, but what about letting the forumer decide the amount of the donation? I’d be happy to contribute more than 5$ and save you from your wife’s madness 😀

    1. Hi,
      Anybody can actually type the amount they want to donate but I think $5 is good enough. I really prefer multiple people putting $5 than few people putting more. This is a community and I think it could run very smoothly if a good number of members help.

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