An osprey eating a fish

Sometimes I also forget that Ksetlist exists in part because of the people who do not want to be on Facebook or other social media platforms. So, let me share this with you here.

As some might know, I have been working on a new keyboard called the Kurzweil K2700. This is going to be a very special keyboard that will be released fairly soon. Sometimes engineers like me need to test the keyboards just by playing them (isn’t that amazing?), as a real user case scenario, just to check if there are unexpected problems. So I decided to make a soundtrack for a video I took of an osprey eating a fish. The video is just an osprey eating a fish, nothing else. All the sounds are factory programs of the K2700. I went thru some of the synths and pads sounds (soundware guys have done an AMAZING job on that front) and used the built-in ribbon controller a lot to create this “bird” atmosphere. Some of my colleagues instantly mentioned the intro to Gary Wright’s Dreamweaver that, I’m ashamed to admit publicly here and now, I had never listened to previously. In any case, here you have an osprey eating a fish with K2700 fresh sounds out of the box.

And no, this is not like a normal keyboard demo because that was not the goal.

Hope you like it.



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