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Dear Ksetlisters,

It’s been a while without any update so here you have one.

First thank you to all of you who have donated the $5 to keep the site alive and my wife less mad. It makes a difference. If you haven’t done it, please click on that Donate button on the main site and do your part. Thanks!

I’ve been extremely busy with the K2700 release plus other things that you’ll learn about at the appropriated time. So, sorry if I was not too active in the forum. Still, I was still cleaning up the usual SPAM and other minor things in the site.

The K2700 will soon be shipping worldwide (hey, this year shipping containers is an absolute chaos, so give it some time, please have patience) and I can’t wait for you to get your hands on one of them. It’s an amazing keyboard. For somebody like me, who like to layer sound after sound after sound, there is such a great variety of programs and multis that you can create amazing sonic landscapes. Lots and lots of pads and synths in this one. Of course all the other stuff too 😉

I’ve put the PC3LE programs file up again as some of you, specially SP4 users, kept asking for it. Check it out here: https://ksetlist.com/community/ksetlist-com-compilations-volumes/

Last, I read some comments in Facebook that this site was dead and far from it. Ksetlist is all about sounds, and you have hundreds of awesome sounds here to download into your Kurzweil keyboards. Yes, I would love you to keep contributing by uploading more sounds. That has slowed down quite a bit in the past years. In part because there are already a lot of sounds for lots of classic famous songs, but also in part because people are not uploading new stuff. So, I’ll repeat the main idea of Ksetlist, if all of us contribute with few sounds we’ll have lots and lots and lots of sounds. It has never the idea of having few two people making the sounds for the thousands of other users. The idea is that the thousands of Ksetlist users contribute with a few sounds each. That is the spirit of this community. Because we are a community. So, please, did you program an awesome sound to play a famous song? Please share it with us!

It’s exciting times in the Kurzweil world, let’s show it with awesome sounds!

And big thanks to all of you,

Last, please be safe, the virus is still there,



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