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[Sticky] How to post a program or setup?  

Penny Lane Lister


So, you have this wonderful program or setup perfect for this or that famous song and you want to share it with the world... how do you do it? Just follow this:

1.- Sign your programs. Edit your program, go to INFO, and add some text to the Info Entry 128 (Description). For example:

"Created by Pepe Potamo,Congo,2010."

Add your email if you want to.

"Created by Pepe Potamo,Congo,"

If your program is based on a factory program and it is very similar with just some tweaks, you could say:
"Created by Pepe Potamo,Congo, on P222."

Just remember: Do not go over 127 characters in the text... and the shorter the better.

2.- Save only that program or setup with dependencies on a PC3, P3K or PLE file. Go to Storage Mode, Store, Advance, select your program or setup, Save with dependencies, name the file with the first 8 characters of the name of the song.

If you have more than one program/setup for a particular song (different parts of the song), please add all of them to your file.

3.- Go to the ksetlist, and follow the following example:

Van Halen - Jump

Go to the subforum E (Yes, band based... no song based).
Look if there is already a "Van Halen - Jump" thread.

If NOT: Create a thread called "Van Halen - Jump". Attach your file and please explain in the message how to use it. A song might have many sounds so please explain which ones you are attaching in your file. Also, if it is a setup and have splits, explain how to use it... what parts of the song goes in which split... c'mon, just let us know how you play it.

If SO: If you think your sounds are better than the ones already in that thread, or are for different parts of the song, reply to the thread with a new message, attaching your file and your notes about it.

4.- It is ok to discuss in a particular thread which of the different programs/setups attached are better and why. But please do not make huge wars... that's not the point of this forum.

5.- Rating system. Thank (Like) the posts you like!

6.- Always keep in mind why we are doing this... so that people can download the best programs/setups for a particular song quickly.

7.- Do not use material created/copyrighted by other people without explicit permission of them. It is strictly forbidden.

8.- Samples policy. For PC3K users. ksetlist server isn't huge in order to keep the cost of the site low. I pay it out of my pocket. We started with a No Samples policy in order to keep the size of the forum low. But some people really have great samples to share and, so far, the volume of contributions is not high enough to be concerned about filling the server. So, the sample policy will be this:

- Upload samples only if the are in the Kilobytes up to 10 megabytes. If they are bigger, talk to me first.

- VERY IMPORTANT: You have to own those samples. Don't upload any sample from any library out there. Just YOUR samples or samples that are public and allow you to post them in any place. It is strictly forbidden to upload samples to the ksetlist if you don't have the rights to them.

- In your post say that the objects contain samples, so that only PC3K users bother to download that file.

Thanks and have fun!


Posted : 27/02/2011 7:20 pm