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Newly Registered Users - How can I download stuff?

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Hello Newly Registered User,

Welcome to The K Set List!

Before you start downloading stuff, we want you to introduce yourself in the People forum.

What Kurzweil keyboard you play, what type of music you create, etc. Tell us something about you and say Hi!

Then you will be able to download and upload sounds.

Please, SHARE!

Enjoy it!


Posted : 26/03/2013 6:27 pm
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Hello everyone. Long time Kurzweil from one of the first models to now I own a PC3LE. 

Posted : 21/11/2020 3:13 am
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Hola tengo un kurzweil sp6 y estoy interesado en aprender cómo se usa

Gracias saludos

Posted : 31/07/2021 8:05 am
Tim Dotson reacted
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hello I'm a new user I play as a hobby I have a pc3 and I like to play all kinds of music
I prefer acoustic sounds to electric ones ... a greeting to all
Posted : 07/10/2021 9:21 am
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Hi all.  I have a PC4 88 key.  First Kurzweil owned.  Have Owned Roland and play Motif at church.  (We also have a Nord Stage 3 but it sounds cheezy to me.  Expensive for 2 usable sounds - Piano and organ, lol.)  I Play CCM and Gospel, trained classically.  Love the keyboard action...Keys remind me of the Grand I used to play growing up.  

Posted : 17/10/2021 3:44 am
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Hi I'm Larry! I have a K-2000VP, a PC2X with both cards (orchestral & the classic) and a PC4.


Posted : 31/01/2022 3:18 am
Daniel Dion
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Thanks again Fran and the community to added me in this group.

hopefully, I will learn how to use my new (used) PC3 and if at some point, there is a distributor in Canada, I’ll be able to try the PC4 and K2700 and decide which one will be my next keyboard 😀 

Posted : 21/01/2023 5:19 pm
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@daniel71 I heard at NAMM that there is a new distributor in Canada but not sure if they carry the pro line or only the acoustic and digital pianos. We'll know more soon.




Posted : 18/04/2023 2:47 pm
Miqueas Santillan
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Hello, I'm Mique! I have a Sp4-8 and I want to start getting the most out of it since it is a keyboard that is not very flexible in its capabilities, greetings to the entire community.

Posted : 04/01/2024 1:50 pm