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Got a PC4-7  

Never gonna give you up Lister Patron

I usually wait some months / years after a keyboard comes out to see if there are problems and if they are readily solved by the factory.

This time I had the possibility to get one of the first PC4-7 units distributed in Italy and I didn't want to miss it.

Very first touch impressions - less than one hour playing - are really good, in particular I didn't expect a so good feeling with the keybed. Nice work, Kurzweil!


Posted : 10/04/2021 2:27 pm
Viva la vida Lister

Got mine today (Probably one of the first distributed in India @cecchino)

First look, as expected! Keybed, all of us liked it (definitely better than SP4-7's Medeli). UI/UX is really good. Aesthetics - better than I expected!

Thank you Kurzweil!

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Posted : 15/04/2021 12:50 pm
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So glad to hear that it's finally reaching the hands of you guys!

Congrats and enjoy it!



Posted : 15/04/2021 2:51 pm
Uptown funk Lister

I just emailed my US supplier and he's expecting 6 units to be delivered any day now.  I am looking forward to purchasing one.  I bought the PC4 last year but returned it almost immediately.  I HATED the key bed (it was clunky, loud, and felt cheap).  I can't wait to try the 76 note version which has a key bed more similar to my old PC3 and my current Artis 7.

Posted : 15/04/2021 9:20 pm
Ordinary World Lister

Still waiting to get one in germany - no information since months!

I consider to sell my Forte7 - great machine, but to heavy for gigging!

Posted : 27/04/2021 8:43 am
Viva la vida Lister

The first impression - after a week's trials:

First look, almost as I imagined reading the specs!

UI/UX is good. But it can be sure made much more friendly probably with some UI level macros. Aesthetics - better than I expected - sleek looking, though I like the 'metal' ones! You can turn of the blue lights around the wheel which made it look less flashy.

Keybed: Me, and my kids liked it immediately (a notch better than SP4-7's Medeli which we are used to). It's highly subjective, its not about the weight, but about the momentum transfer. But I think if you are used to Organ/Synth keys, you are going to like it.

As the first step, I updated the OS.

Loading sounds: I was eager to load DX7 factory presets and check out the classic 11 E.PIANO 1 first - the SysEx loaded and had default chorus, delay, and reverb assigned controllable with switch/slider/knob:7-9. I Will be playing around with FM more - it's been a while since I have played around with it - last time was during the launch of Reface DX in India and I used to be the consultant for Yamaha India doing Reface workshops.

I also tried loading some P3K, PC3 & FOR sounds to check the compatibility.

Checked out the Soundtower Editor & Controller, didn't dig much since I want to explore PC4 UI more. The Controller app has limited functionality. I checked the PlugSE VST on Windows with StudioOne. Planning to test the Mac version with Logic also soon. The VST/AU seems the Controller application packaged. I tried the iOS Editor - which has got limited functionality similar to the Controller. I was surprised that it works on my old iPad 2 running iOS 9.3! I connect it using the camera adapter to the 'USB Computer' port on the PC4.

Speaking about USB, the most interesting thing about the 'USB Storage' port is that it works as a USB host accepting USB MIDI devices! Think about a second USB keyboard, or a second USB controller, or an iPad or Android running a MIDI controller application.

I straight away tested it with an iRig Key, Akai EWI and Roli. BTW, I test GeoShread MIDI out with iPad on the other port!

For exploring further using the EWI, I loaded some Alto sax sample from a Kontakt instrument and made a keymap and created a one layer sound which supports BC (MIDI CC 2). For EWI, earlier I was using Kontakt or Mainstage on a Mac, but now I can carry the EWI and just plug it into PC4-7 and someone back me on the PC4 or play a Song on it.

Test both MPE and Mono mode with the Roli (to simulate MPE create a multi with the required/set number of channels having the same patch/ the pressure is sent as Mono Pressure and slide is sent as MIDI CC 74)

One feature I miss is a way to switch the MIDI CC of Switch/Slider/Knob to control layers 10-16. The use-case was a Pipe Organ Multi I was creating. I can use 9 switches for the first 9 layers (and maybe 'Variation' for the 10th layer), but as a workaround, we can use some keyboard keys to work as Zone Mute switches! (Ideally get an external USB MIDI controller)

I tried loading some MIDI files onto the sequencer and it worked well. Obviously, you have to edit the patches, etc.

Another experiment I did was designing a simple two OSC VA synth controllable with the controllers. I also had some fun with FUN! (fun intended!)

256 voice - dynamically allocated - polyphony: You can watch the dynamic allocation at Global -> Tools -> Voices.

Global -> Tools -> About, you can watch the scroll with names and messages from the team! When I saw Hal's name I went back to my University days, the first book I read/borrowed from the library was his book! It was instrumental in getting me into Musictech.

BTW, I found the key combination to take a screenshot: softkeys 1+4!

I'll be happy to try out anything on my PC4-7 and help you out with a solution - I'm not taking it out for a gig or any professional use as of now. So don't mind even it's a bit of a destructive experiment!


Posted : 29/04/2021 6:05 pm