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how to use riffs into the SP4 SERIES

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Using ARP and Riffs on the SP4
If you own the Soundtower Software they made a promise you could use ARP and riffs on the SP series.
Unfortunately they never finished the import/load option..
So there's a little trick:
Load the Demo version of the PC3K for Mac hopefully you own one.
Go to the Programm click right button show contents, open folder Contents then MacOS then PC3K Data inside you find Song.Data.dat copy this file into the same folder but this time in the Sp4 Editor Folder.
Overwrite the old one but make a copy of it.
Now start your SP4 and the Editor SP4 in the upper Menu select Midi Setup - Transmitt Data - Songs
Start the upload some times it sticks then restart if all goes fine, select any Setup klick on Riffs activate Song and your Manager will popup with all the Riffs.
Now you can start to setup patches with riffs and arpeggios.
Send it to the SP4 save it.
When you select the setup patch there's no riff playing Edit Setup and then Setup again voila the patch is working.
Of course I will try if we can control the riff settings by a midi controller.
But for now have fun.
Doing this is your own responsibility!
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Till now I could not figure out how to routing the riffs to midi out. 


Posted : 09/03/2023 9:16 am