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[Sticky] Old Kurzweil Forum  

Penny Lane Lister


As some people ask for a place to discuss old Kurzweil (pre-PC3, pre-2006) keyboards, I'm adding this forum to ksetlist so that people with those old keyboards could get together. I'm talking about PC2, PC1, PC88, K2600, K2500, K2000, K1000, K250, and similar...

For K-series there is already a great place to find information, Mastering VAST forum, so check there

Also in The Keyboard Corner you will probably find old-timers that know about those keyboards: ... ard_Corner

But PC2, PC88 stuff is harder to find in general, so, this could be a starting meeting point.

IMPORTANT: This is NOT a marketplace forum and any buying/selling stuff will be deleted.

VERY IMPORTANT: Sounds in ksetlist ARE NOT COMPATIBLE with any of these old products.


Posted : 30/12/2019 7:38 am
Uptown funk Lister


I am having an issue with my K2000 volume. When I set the volume below the slider mid mark it sounds fine. Both channels (L and R) play at the same levels. But, when I increase the volume above mid mark (50%) The right channel will does not have the same output level with respect to the left. It is noticeably less. The volume level will increase on the right side,  but not at the same volume level as the left.

Question: Does anyone know if this could be an issue with the slider failing? I do have some scratchiness when moving the slider.



Posted : 28/02/2022 1:36 am
Never gonna give you up Lister Patron

@lagii Hi Louis, I had a very similar issue with another workstation (a different brand) and it turned out to be an oxidized slider. This happened after a very "wet" gig (a restaurant on the beach) and I was lucky enough to solve it by cleaning and drying the slider. Hope you can solve your issue as well.

Posted : 02/03/2022 2:02 pm